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 Clashes have erupted

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PostSubject: Clashes have erupted   14th October 2009, 9:29 am

=(MOD)=. fire on Bad boy protests

=(MOD)=. have clashed together with Bad Boys apparently protesting against poor server conditions during a rally in the country's northeast.

Riot =(MOD)=. opened fire on Tuesday to disperse Bad Boys who had torched a municipal office in the eastern town of Modfast, the =(MOD)=. Press news agency said, quoting Captain Leathal, a =(MOD)=. spokesman.

Two =(MOD)=.'s were injured by grenade-throwing Bad Boys, the spokesman said. =(MOD)=. also clashed with Bad Boys in several other northeastern towns, where Bad Boys are calling for better pings, less linternational interference and more locals on the impoverished server.

In the town of Standerton, southeast of Johannesburg, a burnt tank and rubbish filled the streets, and several people were reported injured in the protest. Meanwhile, towns and shops were closed after thousands marched on the municipal offices in the nearby township of Sakhile.

Pressure on Developers

The few-month-old game of AA3, the country's game, is under pressure to deliver on campaign promises and improve basic services such as guns and grenades in South Africa.

Dev's have apparently promised to ease inequalities in the country, but he has said the team has fallen short in meeting demands for better basic services. Their team have set up a special hotline to deal with complaints, but a spokesman for the Dev's says he will not meet protesters. But Sipho Seepe, a political columnist writing with the Mail and Guardian newspaper, said the people are not angry at the Dev's. "They are angry at the local officials," Sepe told The =(MOD=)erator. "So we must not give the impression that this is a revolt against the AA3 community.

'Heightened expectations'

"What we have are more heightened expectations that came as a result of the last upgrade that we had.

The protests are taking place at the local level," Sepe said."What the people see is that the local team officials represent the past regime, a regime that was arrogant and aloof. They do not see these leaders at the local level as part of the new regime."However, Hasan Isilov, a journalist in Cape Town, said Dev's should not have made such promises for easing the economic inequalities in the country."Regrettably the president has not delivered on any of these promises," Isilov told The =(MOD)=.erator."The problem is the country is grappling with a recession, but the local people want a better sever condition regardless of the economic situation of the country," he said."People have argued that the country has a lot of resources ... but there's a high level of corruption within the ruling party where top officials within the team and the offices have misappropriated funds. "The local people believe that, had it not been for corruption, then service delivery would not have been a problem."

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PostSubject: Re: Clashes have erupted   14th October 2009, 9:31 am

HOOAH Gam nice read
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Clashes have erupted
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